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CIF Price Calculator


The CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) price is a term used in international trade that includes the cost of goods, insurance, and freight charges up to the port of destination. It means that the seller covers the expenses of transporting the goods to the buyer’s specified port, including the costs of shipping and insurance.

How to Calculate CIF Price

To calculate the CIF price, you need to add the cost of the goods (FOB – Free on Board price), the cost of insurance, and the freight charges together.

  CIF Price = FOB Price + Freight + Insurance  

  • FOB Price is the cost of the goods at the point of origin.
  • Freight is the cost of transporting the goods to the destination port.
  • Insurance is the cost of insuring the goods during transit.


  1. Input the amount of product per container in metric tons. For charcoal, a 20-foot container holds 18 MT, and a 40-foot container holds 26 MT.
  2. Enter the number of containers your client wants.
  3. Add your product’s FOB price in dollars per metric ton. If you have the price per kg, multiply by 1000 for the price per ton.
  4. Input the shipping cost per container, which you’ll need to get from your freight/shipping company.
  5. Input your insurance rate, which is a percentage of the total FOB price and varies by commodity.

The results update automatically as you input the numbers and press enter.

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